Remove opportunities for fraud
Reduce shrinkage
Increase your net profit

The sad truth about electronic fraud

No employer wants to suspect staff of theft or fraud. Its easier to focus on shoplifters than your own employees, especially if youre a small business. But the reality cant be ignored. The Australian Retailers Association estimates that 50-60% of all shrinkage (stock loss) is due to employee theft.

The battle against physical theft has been fought with increasing success.
However, now theres a new battlefront. New Point of sale technologies at the shop counter (eftpos, credit cards etc.) brings increased opportunities for electronic fraud, ranging from discount abuse to manipulation of commissions. Studies show its often the longest serving employees who are more likely to offend. They know the system, they know how to manipulate it, and they believe they won’t get caught!

Small and large retailers are losing millions per annum to employee theft. In results published from the 2001 US National Retail Security Survey, internal theft now costs U.S. retailers $14.9 billion annually.

Youve fought the battle against physical theft, now its time to confront the invisible enemy electronic fraud.

Reveal the hidden truth beneath your data

NetMaps internationally proven technology reveals the vital, hidden clues within multiple transactions and it does it fast. Millions of items of data can be simultaneously analysed to pinpoint a suspicious activity. Youll know when it happened, how, who did it, what stock, which customer and which register. Custom-developed for the retail industry, NetMaps tailored solution is the fastest, smartest, most effective weapon at your disposal.


1. Forget Big Brother

Tools like video systems and cameras create privacy problems and an uncomfortable environment. Not surprisingly, employees find them intrusive. NetMap scrutinises transactions, not your staff, so no one feels alienated except of course any guilty employees who are immediately and efficiently identified.

2. 100% peace of mind

Forget spot checks and random samples. Forget having someone physically sitting and watching video footage. NetMap analyses every single point-of-sale transaction. You couldnt ask for a more comprehensive solution.

3. No technical expertise required!

You dont need any special technical knowledge to benefit from NetMap. Theres no new computer system to learn. We take care of everything. You simply send us your transaction data on a regular basis (eg. monthly or quarterly) and our experts do all the analysis for you. We then send you a concise, easy-to-read report detailing any irregular or suspicious transactions. You then have the freedom to make your own choice about the most appropriate course of action, whether thats prosecution, dismissal or counselling.

Alternatively, you can purchase NetMap for Retailers software package and install it in-house, with training and technical support provided.

4. An all-inclusive solution you can implement on the spot

As a NetMap client, using our specialist analysts, you simply pay the one all-inclusive monthly fee. Theres no expensive up-front, set-up fees or hardware to buy.

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