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Pray your competitors havent got here first.

NETMAP: One great leap for marketing

Link thousands of pieces of data
Obtain more sophisticated customer segmentation than ever before
Reveal hidden opportunities
Gain a sustainable competitive advantage

“If only we knew this ” “If only we could find out that” Every Marketer knows the frustration of turning data into usable knowledge. Knowledge is the power that can make or break a marketing initiative.

Of course there are dozens of tools professing to provide that knowledge. However, NetMap takes marketing intelligence to a new level of sophistication.

If we can track down murderers, we can track down your customers

Law enforcement agencies like the FBI use NetMap to track down criminals, terrorists and drug rings. Now Marketers are using NetMapping techniques to track down the prospects and opportunities hiding in their data.

Segmentation like youve never seen before

Traditional segmentation techniques rely on you to select the criteria eg. sex, age, buying behaviour etc. NetMap is different: NetMap answers the questions you didnt even know to ask. By simultaneously analysing millions of pieces of data, NetMap can identify groups of customers by criteria you would never have considered. In one case, NetMap helped a leading Australian bank find three very specific, previously unconsidered groups of high value customers, each sharing their own distinctive characteristics or “fingerprints.” With NetMap you can pinpoint and target segments with a degree of accuracy never before possible.

Reveal hidden marketing opportunities

NetMaps unique technology relies on natural grouping strategies and emergent algorithms (if you are technically inclined you can find more details under Technical Data). Opportunities can therefore be revealed that would be impossible using conventional techniques. In one case NetMap helped a hardware chain identify a whole new type of buyer behaviour. (See Success Story, Hardware Chain makes profitable discoveries.).

Give your customer database the NetMap once-over

Marketers tend to be passionate about the accuracy of their databases. NetMap can help ensure a meticulous level of data integrity that traditional de-duping tools cannot provide. For example NetMapping techniques eliminated over 12,000 duplications in a leading Australian organisations database.

Ensure your internal processes and systems are doing their job

If your billing system is letting you down or your fulfilment processes arent living up to the promises of your marketing messages, NetMap tools and techniques can help to audit your processes for discrepancies, errors and inefficiencies.

Install your own software or let us do the analysis its up to you

Flexibility is a key feature of NetMap service. You can purchase our software as an installed product, or utilise the services of NetMaps expert analysts. Its up to you.

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