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Link thousands of pieces of data
Reveal otherwise invisible connections
Keep your investigators out in the field instead of behind a desk
Find the right results faster

A global track record in crime detection and intelligence analysis

NetMap built its name fighting fraud for law enforcement and intelligence agencies around the world. Today, private and government investigators in Australia, USA, UK and Europe consistently use NetMap tools to assist them culling through large amounts of data. NetMapping techniques are utilised across a whole spectrum of criminal cases, from identifying a Netherlands murder/drug ring, to reducing drug trafficking along the Mexican border, to helping US insurance giants uncover organised fraud rings, to tracking down terrorists and their supporters.

In recent years Australian investigators have also discovered NetMap’s significant time and efficiency advantages. NetMap was used with great success in two of Australias most high profile criminal cases the “Backpacker Murders” and the “Mystery TNT Options Trader”.

The power to see invisible links

What exactly does NetMap do? It breaks down data to its simplest form and then it “maps” that data to find common links, that would otherwise be physically impossible to find. Literally thousands of items can be analysed simultaneously, to find how they fit together. For example, in the Backpacker murder case, NetMap analysed registration numbers, gun registrations and club membership records to progressively narrow down a list of 18 million suspects to a list of 32. (See Success Story, “Tracking the Backpacker Murderer” for more details.)


1. Answer the questions you didn’t know you needed to ask

With most software systems you need to phrase an exact question or search query i.e. you need to know from the outset what youre looking for. NetMap doesnt have this limitation. Instead it tells you all the unusual patterns, common occurrences and interesting associations that appear in your data. It helps you think laterally, by unravelling complex relationships and pinpointing invisible connections.

2. Save thousands of precious hours

Time is a critical asset in any investigative case. In a recent test case, two investigators took two weeks to analyse six boxes of documents. NetMaps tool did the job in 15 minutes. NetMap helps make your investigations faster, more efficient and more focused.

3. Keep your investigators combing through crime scenes not data

Your best investigators dont want to be trapped at desks trawling through boxes of paperwork. Its a waste of their time and their skills. NetMap does the trawling instead and keeps them out in the field, doing what they do best.

4. Install your own software or let us do the analysis its up to you

Flexibility is a key feature of NetMap’s service. You can purchase our software as an installed product, or utilise the services of NetMaps expert analysts. Its up to you.

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