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What you cant see can cost you millions

Every organisation accumulates vast, unwieldy amounts of data from multiple sources. Transform that data into knowledge and the benefits are significant: cost savings, efficiency improvements and revenue generation. Allow your data to languish and fraudulent activities, fundamental errors and irregularities can escape unnoticed. When its your neck on the line, its simply not an acceptable risk.

The power to see invisible connections.

NetMap was originally created to help intelligence agencies identify complex criminal activities and develop profiles of sophisticated criminals and terrorists. Now, driven by intense competition and a strong focus on corporate responsibility, leading organisations and government agencies around the world are using these same powerful techniques to their advantage.

The difference between NetMap and traditional business software tools is its ability to answer the questions you didnt know to ask. NetMap finds every direct and indirect relationship between literally millions of pieces of data. The results can be startling. Hidden patterns and relationships are revealed. Strategic opportunities come to light. Serious problems can be solved before they become terminal.

Below are just some of the ways in which both corporate and government organisations are utilising the power of NetMap:

Fraud detection
Monitoring data integrity
Auditing of processes and systems
Mapping how an organisation works
Marketing opportunities

Fraud detection

The collapse of companies like HIH, One.Tel and Enron has meant a global focus on corporate accountability. Personal liability is a frightening reality for every director. So, how can you enjoy 100% peace of mind that your organisation is squeaky clean? How can you personally guarantee that all corporate procedures are being followed? Government departments face similar pressures. The slightest whiff of potential fraud or mismanagement is unacceptable. The answer is NetMap.

Rely on the facts, not random checks!

Most fraud detection procedures rely on spot checks and random samples. NetMap allows you to map each and every financial transaction throughout the course of the year. Irregularities are immediately pinpointed. Some will have valid explanations or indicate procedural errors. Others may reveal potential fraud. Either way, youre now armed with the knowledge and can take action. Put simply, NetMap allows you to audit your data using the worlds most powerful tools.

HIH. One.Tel. Enron.
Ignorance is no defence in today’s corporate environment

Monitoring data integrity

When youre relying on your data to make vital decisions, or provide service to your customers, or report to various stakeholders, accuracy isn’t a luxury its a necessity.

Data integrity is a significant problem for most large organisations and government departments, especially where multiple, complex databases are involved. Corrupt data can be the result of simple human error, multiple systems, hardware problems and duplicate records.

Traditional checking systems tend to be a compromise between speed and accuracy. With NetMap there is no compromise. NetMapping techniques often find several thousands of errors, in a fraction of the normal time. For example, consultants spent two weeks sifting through a South East Asian banks database using traditional reporting and query methods. NetMap did the same process in just one day and found an additional five hundred errors. (See Success Story, Headache Cure for Asian Bank )

Auditing of systems and processes

NetMap can help audit large, complex systems and processes for gremlins and inefficiencies.

Intricate billing systems for services such as telecommunications, utilities and internet usage are good examples, particularly in dynamic industries such as telecommunications where new prices, products and promotions are being introduced every week, requiring regular changes. NetMap has proved itself in this area again and again. For example, our mapping tools were able identify a billing problem that would have affected thousands of customers for one telecommunications company. (See Success Story, Billing Disaster Averted)

If youre relying on the efficiencies of your processes and systems, rely on NetMap to give you the peace of mind you need.

Mapping the reality of how your organisation works

Another area where NetMap has proved invaluable is mapping how organisations actually work together on a day to day basis. For example, who talks to whom via phone or email, who shares documents, how knowledge is passed around the organisation etc. Often this sort of information doesnt appear in the official organisation charts and the reality can be quite different from management perceptions.

Armed with this knowledge, management can make truly informed decisions regarding staff allocation, restructuring, reengineering and downsizing.

Marketing opportunities

See “Solutions for Marketing” section.

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