About Us

We reveal the invisible truths hidden in your data.”

Who are we?

NetMap Analytics is a privately-owned, global company with an international reputation for highly specialised data analysis services and state-of-the-art intelligence tools. The company has offices around the world, with the Asia Pacific Region’s Head Office based in Sydney, Australia.

The company’s success dates back to the 1980’s when it launched a groundbreaking new technology called “NetMap.” It was a concept ahead of its time, providing a level of data analysis never before imagined. Not surprisingly, law enforcement agencies were quick to recognise its remarkable power. The private sector was next. For the first time, leading US insurers could analyse millions of items of data to detect fraudulent activity. Retailers could analyse their point-of-sale data to pinpoint electronic theft. Businesses and governments could gather invaluable intelligence from their data.

Today, NetMap enjoys a proven track record in servicing a variety of private and public sector clients, small and large, throughout the Asia Pacific, USA, UK and Europe. We have developed specialty solutions for the insurance, retail , corporate & government, crime investigation and marketing industries. NetMap has been operating in Australia for over 12 years and numerous Australian and international success stories are testimony to the unique benefits of our technology.

What makes us different?

No individual or organisation can escape the global proliferation of data. It represents both an immense frustration and an incredible opportunity. NetMap reveals the invisible connections, trends and patterns that exist in your data. Our world-leading technology can quickly, seamlessly and efficiently transform massive volumes of data into invaluable knowledge.

What can we do for you?

NetMap can help you see the truth behind your data. To do this, you can either purchase our software tools outright, or our expert analysts can analyse your data for you.

NetMapping techniques have been used to:

Help small and large retailers save thousands by identifying and eliminating electronic fraud.
Assist insurance companies to increase profits and market share by fighting back against claims fraud.
Save investigators thousands of precious hours in high profile criminal cases.
Allow businesses and government departments to audit their data for potential fraud, irregularities, inefficiencies and duplications.
Help marketers discover a sophisticated level of customer segmentation never before seen.